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My Bodyworx Wellness is best known for our chiropractic care and our spinal correction for children and adults of all ages.

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The goal of chiropractic care is to enhance the natural tendency of the body to achieve equilibrium amongst its systems. There is an inner light within us all that guides us toward fostering healthy habits and fighting illness, as well as repairing our bodies whenever necessary. The body is an autonomous engine that understandably aims at working like the proverbial well-oiled machine.

The benefits of chiropractic care

Chiropractic management thus strives to find the precise structural balance that the body needs to function well. The cornerstone of it all is the nervous system. When the nervous system is in good shape, all systems go. The chiropractor detects and addresses any obstacles that may hinder nerve function.

Chiropractic Theory

What is chiropractic care?  It is the theory of the conduit between nerves and organs is the spine. Hence, if the vertebrae of the spine are misaligned, malaligned, injured, or fixated, soft tissues irritated, and adjacent muscles tightened, the result is that the nerves suffer are become unable to function properly – this is, in two words, an intervertebral subluxation.

Why does this matter?

Trauma, postural stress, congenital abnormalities, disc degeneration, and the toxic effects of infection – all everyday occurrences – can cause an intervertebral subluxation.

The best part?

Doctors of chiropractic employ spinal assessment and adjustment to relieve subluxations and mollify nerve irritation.

Given the complexity of the spinal structure, different levels of the spine, as well as the limbs, may need to be adjusted. As we said, all systems are interconnected, so the source of the subluxation may actually be far from the spine. Once found and removed, though, everything else goes back to normal.

How Exactly Does Chiropractic Work?

All systems in the body are connected to one or more further systems in a symbiotic network that goes all the way down to the microcellular level. If our shoulder hurts we can’t raise our arms; if the airways narrow we can’t breathe properly.

Chiropractic care utilizes non-surgical, drug-free treatment alternatives so as to not ‘unweave the rainbow,’ as John Keats might put it. The nervous system is the prism through which that inner light we mentioned refracts into the rest of the body’s systems – the primus inter pares of the organic systems if you will.

Our goal is to fix the problem once and for all with our spinal correction. What we’re really known for is correcting the spine once and for all and then maintaining it from there on out.

Dr. Segal is by far THE most knowledgeable and THE best chiropractor in the Delray Beach area! He also happens to be well versed in all things nutrition and can guide you through in sustaining weight loss, a healthy manner of body detoxification, or if you have annoying allergies. Dr. Segal is truly compassionate, informative, and careful in treating what ails you, taking into consideration any health issues you may have. He and his staff are extremely helpful, friendly and supportive. They truly care about each and every single patient and are super accommodating with your schedule. For the first time in about twenty years, I’m able to have a full range of motion turning my neck side to side. So, whether you suffer from back/neck pain, weight loss woes, or stubborn allergies, I, hands down, highly recommend you reach out to Dr. Segal! – Lee B., Delray Beach, FL

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