Chiropractic Massage Therapy Treatment

How it All Comes Together.

How We Can Help?

At My BodyWorx Wellness we’re a full-service chiropractic spa and offer massage therapy to our clients. A lot of people like a massage to feel good. If you want to come in and just relax you can. We have a fantastic and experienced team of massage therapists.

Types of Massage Therapy Services We Offer


Sports Massage


Deep Tissue

What is Our Goal?

Our goal is to provide pain relief and also to get you into a better state of mind.  You can have the best Swedish massage. If you come in for chiropractic care it can be part of your treatment.

How Long Are Our Massages?

Our massages are typically anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour based on what you’re coming in for. If you’re just coming in for a Swedish massage and a relaxing massage, we offer thirty minutes and one-hour massage sessions. Our thirty minute and hour sessions are by appointment.

The best part?

Massage is part of our care to help relieve muscle tissue swelling. We’re here Monday through Friday. We have massage all day long.

Please give us a call so we can get you scheduled. If you’re here under normal treatment for chiropractic care sometimes we can go directly from your adjustment right into a massage. 

If we correct the bone and put it back into the proper spot our patients get better care.

How We Incorporate Massage Therapy into Your Chiropractic Care?

A lot of people go to a massage first, because they think they’re having some issues with their muscles. 

Why Do We Use Massage Last?

We use massage last.  If we put the bones into the proper place, the muscles will start to relax and then we get a permanent correction. Most people do massage first to relax the muscles. It’s not the muscle that’s the issue, it’s the bone in the wrong spot. 

I loved it. The office and the doctors were very professional, I would recommend them to everybody, great knowledge of the services, and friendly staff.

Dennis Foster

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We’re conveniently located just outside of downtown Delray beach, Florida right off I95.

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