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At My BodyWorx, our number one symptom that we get from patients is neck pain. Second is headaches and sinus issues. Neck pain is becoming prevalent in everybody.

Why The Neck Pain?

Everybody is looking down all day long. We must stop doing this from a phone, tablet, and computer.

We’re seeing it from children all the way up through the elderly and the reason is cell phones. Cell phones have destroyed our way of life for our spinal structure.

At work, we’re staring at computer screens that are down all day long and it’s the repetitive stress of looking of down. Another cause is sleeping improperly

A friend suggested that I see Dr. Segal when I was having some back and neck issues. I am so happy that I took that suggestion. We reviewed my X-rays together and then discussed a plan of action. I have been seeing him for over a month now and I am very satisfied with the progress that I am making!
Dr. Segal is very knowledgeable and current with the newest modalities available for correcting the reverse cervical curve in my neck. I have been doing the work on my own daily and seeing him for adjustments which have been the perfect combination. His staff is lovely and I always leave with a smile on my face : )
I highly recommend that you visit his office when in need and see for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!!!

Allie K.

How We Treat Neck Pain?

We don’t just relieve pain. We strengthen the spine, so the problem does not come back. We achieve this through the weighting system that we use in the office to bring the spinal structure back up and strengthen the ligaments behind the neck.  This helps get rid of the neck pain and bring back the spinal curve.

We recommend cervical pillows that are actually made from chiropractors.  These are helpful if you sleep on your back or your side to make sure you always have a proper curve.

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