Physical Therapy & Chiropractic

How It Comes Together?

What to Expect?

Physical therapy and chiropractic go hand and hand. When we do physical therapy and rehab within the practice, you’ll come in for an exam along with x-rays. Based on what the patient presents from the x-rays, we set up the best protocol for them.

Treatments With Physical Therapy



Electrical muscle stimulation



Hot and cold therapy

How Do We Correct With Exercises?

We do a lot of exercises regarding weighting to correct the spine.  This is the most important aspect of our practice. It’s a spinal correction. How do we do this? We put weights on your head and weights on your shoulders to counterbalance the body.

If your head comes forward the weights help to bring your head up and shrink the ligaments behind. If your shoulder is off and we put weights here. It actually strengthens the shoulder by bringing the shoulder back.

The best part?

We do all forms of physical therapy within the practice based on what the patient needs from a sports injury or medical condition.

I have been seeing Dr. Seagal now for three weeks. Everything that he said he could do for me, he has done. My shoulders are even, my head is not tilting anymore, the lower back pain is gone, and the bulge in my back disappeared within a week. I would highly recommend this practice to anybody who struggles with lower back pain or misalignment.

Nelson Burbage , Delray Beach, FL

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