Sports Injury Treatment

Our goal is to get you back on the field even better than before.

What to Expect?

At My Bodyworx in Delray Beach, Florida, we help a lot of patients that are young athletes in high school and college with all types of sports injuries.

They make up about 30 million of the population who account for over 3.5 million injuries every year in this age range.

The best part?

The main thing is we get a lot of people that have knee, ankle, or elbow issues.  A lot of time, it’s not the knee, ankles, or the elbow. It’s the spine.

The Benefit to Help Get You Back to 100%

We have physical therapy services along with chiropractic care designed to get that patient back to health and then strengthen that issue. With a goal for it to not come back again.

Our Solution for Sport Injuries

First, we look at the body, which is why we’re so successful in helping our client with their sports injuries.

The goal is to look at the injury but also at what the cause of the injury is.  Typically the injury is coming from the spine unless it was a blunt trauma.

“Excellent facility and great options for various treatments. Dr. Segal and his staff are very friendly and informative. I recently had an injury from Skiing and after a few sessions with Dr. Segal, I felt great. His nutrition and health treatments and advice were also very helpful.” « Peter Martin

Peter Martin, Delray Beach, Florida

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