Vitamin Infusion Therapy

My Bodyworx Wellness can help you fulfill your nutritional needs and then keep them maintained.

How Can We Help?

Not many of us are really receiving the nutrients our bodies frantically need to work appropriately every single day. The nourishments we eat, the water we drink, and the conditions wherein we work, keep us from getting these essential nutrients. If you have been feeling tired early afternoon or encountering manifestations of cerebral pains, colds, and influenza’s you could be a possibility for nutrient imbuements.

Vitamin nourishment has been around since the 1930s. People like Linus Pauling and Dr. John Mayer were pioneers in this stunning innovation. Truth be told, during the early periods of IV nutrient treatment it was a promptly educated and excepted clinical therapy for many conditions, for example, Tuberculosis, malignancy, persistent agony, irritation, and asthma. The craftsmanship and practice of IV wholesome treatment have advanced radically over the last few decades. With forward leaps in bio substance science, we currently have formulas that will benefit our patients in a customized manner.

What is Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

Vitamin IV therapy is performed by injecting a mixture of potent vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream—providing quick, effective results. Therapy is administered at a medical office under the supervision of a trained medical professional.

We all know the benefits of good proper nutrition. However, the majority of us do not eat the foods that we should, nor are we absorbing the foods that we eat properly. The research has shown that most of us only absorb 10 to 15% of the needed vitamins at best. IV vitamin therapy can be given in large doses without any upset stomach or other gastrointestinal problems. The research shows absorption levels are well above 90%. So essentially were able to give the body more of the product needs, better absorption of the product, and therefore we see a faster change in the physiology of the individual that we treat.

We test our patients with bloodwork prior to giving vitamin therapy. This allows us to individually customize the IV nutrition to help the patients achieve a maximum therapeutic effect. This process helps our goal which is allowing our patients to receive the best results possible.

How Often Should You Receive Vitamin Infusion?

Individuals frequently asked how regularly should they get a vitamin infusion. The appropriate response relies upon individual needs. We have a significant number of our patients who do well with a month to month vitamin IV to just keep up their solid bio substance levels. On the other hand, we also have immunocompromised individuals who we may give 1 to 2 IVs each week for a while and change it to a few IVs each month for the rest of their lives.

Your healthful necessities are a great deal like having a vacant container. We need to top it off and afterward keep it filled in. The issue is most people have openings or holes in their can. So with those people, we need to be more consistent, more frequent, and more diligent in their care plans.

The Benefits

  • Guaranteed vitamin absorption
  • Increased energy levels
  • Instant rehydration
  • Fast treatment times and immediate results
  • Reduced reliance on pills
  • Ideal preventive therapy
  • Fights the effects of environmental toxins
  • All-in-one vitamin pack
  • Improved immune system

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