At My Bodyworx Wellness we treat a lot of clients for weight loss.

How We Can Help?

Our main goal is to help you lose weight. We have patients that do different programs. We have a three-week program and a five-week program. In our three-week program, you’ll lose between five to 15 pounds on average. For our five-week program, our patients lose 15 to 25 pounds on average. The program is designed for anybody that wants to get back in shape and lose weight. It’s an amazing process.

What We do?

We clean out the body and get all the pesticides and toxins out of the body through clean eating, providing supplementation to clean the body. Then through our full body contour. We’re the only ones in South Florida that offer this. First, we start out with a whole body vibration to shake up all the toxins and pesticides in the body where you burn about 50 calories.

That’s not all.

Our Different Weightloss Treatments

Our Infrared Sauna Treatment

We bring you into an infrared sauna. It’s one of our favorite things in the practice.  Here, you’ll burn about 600 calories in 20 minutes. Our famous organic body wraps help pull more of the toxins and the junk out of your body.  This will help your body to begin to work properly again. You’ll burn about a pound per treatment when you come into the office. Over the course of the three or five-week program, you’ll lose anywhere between five to 25 pounds based on the program you choose.

The best part?

You can burn up to 600 calories in 20 minutes and burn up to 800 calories in 30 minutes. All of our patients love using the infrared sauna.

Organic Body Wraps

At My Bodyworx Wellness, we do organic body wraps. With the organic body wrap, we wrap you up in a BPA free plastic with a Niacin based organic cream to pull metals and toxins out of the body.

Next, we put a biofeedback device on your head that puts you to sleep and it retrains the subconscious mind on how to eat. For example, you go out for lunch today and you see a salad or a pizza and you hear a voice that says, “let’s go for the salad.”

The Benefit of Organic Bodywraps

Our organic body wraps are very, very, popular for cleaning out the body.  They make the skin feel better, clean out all of the pesticides from the pores in the metals and help you lose weight.

I couldn’t be happier with the results I achieved at Bodywork in Delray!
Dr. Segal and his staff (Amanda & Hannah) were absolutely AMAZING and more importantly, were able to change my eating habits into a healthier and more nutritious diet. I signed up for their 5-week program and I’m happy to say after my 7th week I lost 20lbs!
The program is very comprehensive and Dr. Segal did a wonderful job walking me through all of it, educating me on healthy eating and answering texts anytime. You will never feel hungry throughout the process and it almost becomes a fun challenge to see the scale drop every single day. The treatment at their facility is easy and the results are immediate! It also sets you up to live a healthier life after the program. I had tried several diets in the past, never with positive results, so it is a pleasure for me to finally say that I found the solution to all my sugar cravings and bad nutrition. REAL thing when it comes to weight loss and Nutrition. Thank you My Bodyworx Team.

Corina M., Palm Beach, FL

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