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Stretch Therapy

What is stretch therapy? Stretch therapy encompasses an active range of motion movements in addition to traditional passive stretches. Our chiropractor in Delray Beach uses it to treat certain physical problems associated with tight muscles and restricted joints.

Not only does stretch therapy reduce aches, provide pain relief, and general discomfort, but you'll experience improvements in almost every aspect of your life. When performed properly, it can help prevent injuries and improve performance.

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At My Bodyworx Wellness, we have 2 exercise therapists that stretch our patients for 30-minute sessions.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy Palm Harbor, FL

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Stretch therapy is useful in treating muscle tightness, joint imbalances. As well as tissue restrictions that cause movement distortions, aches and pains, and increased risk of injury.

Over time, this therapy improves range of motion, leading to improved movement patterns and fewer injuries. Regardless of your occupation or preferred fitness activity, you likely engage in repetitive movements that lead to imbalances in muscle length and joint range of motion over time.

Additionally, injuries — whether current or former — can lead to altered movement patterns. This causes similar restrictions, as well as further injury down the road.

If not addressed, these imbalances in your tissues will affect your movement. It will also lead to poor movement quality, increased injury risk, decreased performance, and pain.

The effects of muscle imbalance compound over time. It affects people of all fitness levels. The good news is that it is effective for many groups of people, including older individuals, younger individuals, and athletes.

Still, regardless of your fitness goals, age, or overall lifestyle, this technique is likely to increase your range of motion. It will also improve your performance and reduce your overall risk of injury.

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