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"I highly recommend MyBodyworx to anyone looking for a fantastic chiropractor in Delray. Dr. Segal is a wonderful practitioner who genuinely cares about his patients and will help in any way he can. The staff is super friendly and helpful as well. Joann, the massage therapist is incredible. I have been seeing Joann weekly as well as Dr. Segal for several months now. There is no need to go elsewhere if you are looking for an excellent chiropractor and massage therapist"

-Kelly S.

"I have had back pain for ten years plus. And during our last move, with all the gardening and moving, the pain got progressively worse. I thought about going to a doctor to have surgery, but I heard about this clinic and I decided I would try the laser and decompression treatments before I resorted to surgery. My experience has been remarkable. I have not had any back pain since! I’ve been able to do housework without my back going out on me. In the past, I would be out for three or four days, flat on my back. It’s incredible that I am feeling 100% better than I did walking in here. I am very satisfied with the treatments. I have five treatments left and I am looking forward to having a more active life! And maybe doing some of the things that I haven’t done for years – water skiing, camping, and more! I look forward to having a nice summer!"


"HOW HAS YOUR LIFE CHANGED SINCE YOUR PROGRAM? Originally, I came in to get my knees treated. I play golf, softball, and tennis, and my knees were getting worse and worse. Since I started receiving treatments, my knees have improved steadily and I have been able to continue playing! On top of that, I started receiving spinal decompression because my back was giving me some trouble, and it worked! My back feels much better. The pain hasn’t disappeared entirely, but if I do feel any, I can usually stretch through it, and I could never do that before!"


"This place is incredible!! They made major changes to my posture which helps me sleep better and NO MORE Headaches!!
Michelle and her team ROCK!! Whoever says guys don't need skincare has got it wrong. Michelle and Tamieka made me look MUCH younger.
You need to get in to see these ladies!"

—Todd S

"I have been visiting my Bodyworx since they opened, I operate on a weird schedule and they always make time for me to keep my body mobile and pain free. The staff is always very helpful and friendly and very personable. I highly recommend anybody who is interested in there body mechanics or in any pain to come to my Bodyworx for a consultation and meet with the great group working there under Dr. Segal. My Bodyworx is much more then just a chiropractor office, with massage, stretching, and nutrition professionals on staff. Great place, great people, excellent results!"

—Gregory B.

"MyBodyWorx is the only chiropractic office that has helped realign my spine to stop the constant neck and back pain I was feeling. I was also experiencing hand and wrist pain and cramping which has subsided after committing to Dr. Segal’s exercise and adjustment regiment. I recommend Booking an appointment at MyBodyWorx if you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body. MyBodyWorx also provides other services for total body wellness and all of the staff is always extremely friendly and accommodating."

—Laura K.

"Dr. Segal and his staff are team of professionals oriented to help people by all means. I am suffering chronic scoliosis pains and have tried numerous chiropractors through out my life, but only here I found all the answers to my doubts and questions and most desired continuous pain relief. From amazing adjustments to stretching, massages and weight management program MyBodyworks has so many options to make you feel better. I am so happy I found them!"

—Levgeniia Z.

"Kind of obsessed. I’ve had issues with my back and neck forever, I stumbled across this amazing team, and I can finally sleep at night without pain. Most wonderful feeling in the world- they make you exercise at home to ensure your money is well spent to heal you from the inside out!"

—Rebekah G.

"My Bodyworx is a 5/5 stars without a doubt! My headaches and mid back pain are finally gone! This is the first Chiropractic office that said they could correct my straight neck and spine and actually did! I recommend everyone go to them to get healthy and feel pain free! :))"

—Becky G.

"Amazing place for great healing . All energy flows from to spine to all body parts. Dr Segal is master at detecting blockages. He is the smartest for nutrition, vitamins, hormones & bloodwork. He’s got health & healing all figured out! No one else out there does. Stop wasting your time & just come here."

—Kris M.