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Benefits of Spinal Decompression

Most of us know the things that have the most impacts on our overall health like diet, exercise, weight management, drug and alcohol consumption etc. What many people don’t realize is that the health of their spine also has a great effect on their overall health and wellness.

Spinal decompression is a technique that mainly focuses on properly aligning the vertebrae, keeping the spine healthy. This therapy makes it possible to heal naturally from conditions like bulging or herniated discs without the need for invasive surgical procedures or pain-masking medications by repositioning the discs back into their natural placement.

So, what exactly is spinal decompression you may be asking. Great question, let’s take a look at what it does and how it works. By utilizing special equipment like a traction table which is motorized and separated into two parts, a chiropractor has the ability to gently stretch and “decompress” the spine with ease.

Once you are on the table, a harness secures you while the table moves back and forth to engage in spinal stretching. +Decompression increases negative pressure on the discs in the spine which guides them to reposition themselves.

Once the spine is in its correct alignment, the flow of spinal fluid will restore which helps deliver the nutrients to the rest of the body that is needed for optimal functionality.

One of the greatest benefits of spinal decompression therapy is the lack of need for patients to undergo surgery, meaning there are little if any risks, no chance of infection or complications, there is no down time required, and no side effects from medications.

This treatment uses the same traction methods that have been utilized by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals for decades.

Offering patients a permanent solution for conditions like:

  • Spinal injuries
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Posterior facet syndrome
  • And more

If you have had to endure a painful spinal condition and it is putting limitations on your ability to be active and enjoy doing the things you once could and are searching for an alternative to risky surgical procedures, spinal decompression may be the answer you are looking for to help improve your condition. Talking with a chiropractor to discuss the benefits of the treatment can help you determine if it is the right path for you and your specific needs.